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All Bets Are Off! is the penultimate level in Cuphead, and the first level in Inkwell Hell. Here, King Dice and his minions can be fought. Once you beat this level, you will unlock the final stage in Cuphead, One Hell Of A Time.


The location of All Bets Are Off! is in the main entrance of the casino in Inkwell Hell.



During this stage, King Dice will clap out a parryable die from his hands. You will need to parry this dice in order to move on in the board game.

The board game consists of fifteen spaces:

  • Start: Where you start.
  • Numbered Spaces: There are nine of these spaces, each of them having the mini-bosses numbered one through nine should the player land on them. When landing on a mini-boss space, King Dice will wink before eating the camera, starting up a loading screen and taking the player to a place where they will have to fight the mini-boss belonging to the space. Some of these squares will have three randomly generated hearts which will increase the players health by one, making this the only time in the game in which the players can potentially regain health. Landing on a square that does not have a heart on it will cause King Dice to laugh. If the player dies in any of the miniboss fights, then they will be forced to start over from the beginning of the board game. Also, unlike the fight with Baroness Von Bon Bon, where her subjects were fought at random, each of King Dice’s henchmen are affixed to each numbered space as follows.
  • Safe: There are three of these spaces. Once you land on one of them, you will not have to fight any mini boss, and you will just get to roll again.
  • Start Over: As the name suggests, you will have to start over to the beginning of the board game while King Dice laughs at you. Any miniboss that was previously fought will not appear again if the player lands on their space, as it has turned into a CLEAR space. If you are using a debug menu, then you will have to fight Pachi Pachi when you land on this space.
  • Fin: The final space. Once you land on it, the fight with King Dice himself begins.

The board game consists of you battling 3 to 9 casino-themed mini-bosses. The bosses are a group of beverages, a stack of poker chips, a giant cigar, a living domino, a rabbit magician, a skeleton horse, a roulette themed ballerina, an 8 ball and a monkey toy.

21 tipsy troop

"Go sleep *hic* it look a little *hic* rough!"
Tipsy Troop, Death Screen

When you land on Space 1, you will have to fight the Tipsy Troop. The Tipsy Troop consists of three members, a rum glass, a martini glass, and a whisky bottle. Each of these members have their own attacks. Also, they are considered separate enemies and must be defeated one by one. This is the only mini boss without an introductory animation. They simply just do their idle animations at the start.

  • Ol' Ethan: The rum glass's attack is to shoot a beam of rum at the bottom of the screen. It is fairly easy to dodge, so you should not worry too much. But you should know when he is going to attack. Before he attacks, he will lift his foot up, then tilt over to shoot his beam. To avoid it, you have to jump or do a dash with the smoke bomb. Once you defeat the rum glass, he will sit down with tears in his eyes, while he bobs his head side to side.
  • Ginette: The martini glass's attack is to shoot out flying, sentient olives from the olive in her glass. These olives bats will fly around the top of the screen, then shoot their eyeballs at the player(s). These bats could be easily disposed of, and only two can be present. Before the martini glass shoots an olive bat out, she will stand up straight while looking up, then shoot the bat upwards. Before an olive bat will shoot, it will stop and squeeze itself, then shoot out its eye. Note that the olive bats will still stay after the martini glass is defeated. Once you defeat the martini glass, she will look down with a sad expression, while bobbing her head up and down, causing her martini to spill.
  • Rumulus: The whiskey bottle's attack is to spill whiskey from the top of the screen onto the player. It is recommended to always move around horizontally, since the whiskey will fall onto the player's horizontal position. Before he will attack, he will crouch down, then shoot his lid off with spiral eyes. This animation happens very fast, so you should not try to avoid his attacks just by looking at his animations. It is easily avoidable. Once you defeat the whiskey bottle, he will sit down with whiskey all around him while bobbing his head from side to side.
Once you defeat all three members of the Tipsy Troop, the fight will be over and you will move on to the board game.

22 chips bettigan

"Hey, short stack! This ain't a place you wanna be hanging 'round."
Chips Bettigan, Death Screen

When you land on Space 2, you will have to fight Chips Bettigan. Before the fight begins, King Dice will be shown putting Chips together.

Chips Bettigan has only one attack, and that is to divide his poker chips then go to the other side of the screen. The poker chips are usually divided into two or three groups, and they will come at different times. In order to dodge the poker chips, all you got to do is either jump or duck. Though if you have the Smoke Bomb Charm, you can easily dash through Chips' chips.

In order to hurt Chips, you must shoot his head (the blue poker chips.). Shooting any other part of his body will not hurt him. It is highly recommended not to try to attack Chips while he is attacking you, since this makes it harder to dodge his poker chips, unless you have the Chaser equipped, as equipping any other weapon while he attacks can result in you missing.

Once enough damage is dealt, Chips will fall down, losing his yellow and red poker chips, while his hat falls down slowly with crossed eyes and his tongue sticking out. You can take it as a sign that the fight is over. You will then go back to the board game after this.

23 mr wheezy

"Looks like you could use some fresh air."
Mr. Wheezy, Death Screen

When you land on Space 3, you will have to fight Mr. Wheezy. Before the fight begins, King Dice will light Mr. Wheezy with a lighter.

In this fight, the player(s) and Mr. Wheezy are on two ashtrays. From time to time, Mr. Wheezy will turn himself into ashes and switch ashtrays. Cuphead and Mugman must jump over to the next ashtray when this happens.

But be careful, since there are cigarette bats that will fly around the middle of the screen. These cigarette bats cannot be disposed of, so you must dodge them. It is recommended to use the Smoke Bomb Charm, since you can easily dash through the cigarette bats without getting hurt.

From time to time, Mr. Wheezy will shoot yellow projectiles at the player(s) in a loop de loop-like pattern. You can dodge these projectiles by either going under them or jumping over them. These projectiles cannot be disposed of, so the only thing you can do is dodge them.

In expert mode, Mr. Wheezy will shoot them 2 times faster and can either choose to shoot it upwards, or downwards, making it harder to dodge and disallowing the player to simply jump and dodge them. The player will now have to move horizontally.

Once you defeat Mr. Wheezy, King Dice will squish Mr. Wheezy with his foot while coughing aggressively. Take this as a sign that the fight is over. You will go back to the board after.

24 pip and dot

"You set them up, I'll knock them down."
Pip and Dot, Death Screen

When you land on Space 4, you will have to fight Pip and Dot. Before the battle begins, Dot will look at Pip, (seemingly flirting or something) while Pip will lift his hat, seemingly greeting Dot or Cuphead.

During this fight, dominoes on the floor will move left towards a spiked domino wall. On some of the floor dominoes, there will be spikes that the player(s) have to jump or dash over. It is recommended to stay in the middle of the arena, and always walk to the right, but avoiding touching Pip and Dot.

All the while, Pip and Dot will be on a swing, slowly going up and down, so the player(s) must aim at them. Pip and Dot have two attacks in this fight:

  • The first attack Pip and Dot can do is to send out a domino bird out of Pip's hat. This domino bird will fly at the top of the screen, then the left of the screen, then the bottom of the screen, then it will leave. This bird can easily be killed with a few shots.
  • The second attack Pip and Dot can do is to open a mouth that is in between them, then shoot a twenty-sided dice out of it. This die will hit the top and the bottom in a zigzag-like pattern, then disappear once it hits the spiked wall to the left. To dodge this, you simply just have to jump over it. Some of the dice they send out are parryable.
Once enough damage is dealt, Dot will be mad at Pip, and will proceed to kick him in the eyes, presumably because she thought their loss was his fault. Dot doing this means the fight is over. You may proceed back to the board game.

25 hopus pocus

"...and PRESTO!! The cup has completely disappeared."
Hopus Pocus, Death Screen

When you land on Space 5, you will have to fight Hopus Pocus. Before the battle begins, Dice will pull him out from the hat and the fight can begin, referencing the famous "Rabbit in a hat" trick.

The key element in defeating Hopus Pocus is to memorize his attacks.

  • One attack is summoning a ring of skulls around you. There are seven skulls with one open space for the player to jump or dash out. When the skeletons begin to close in, make your move. Use the floating ace card to your advantage if Hopus Pocus uses this attack. The "Smoke Bomb" charm is incredibly useful in this attack.
  • The other is summoning Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs from either the top or the bottom. The rows are unavoidable unless players parry one of the two pink hearts to escape or manage to do a frame-perfect dash with the smoke bomb charm. In expert mode, there will only be one pink heart.
Once enough damage is dealt, Hopus Pocus will then be strangled by his own bow tie. This means the fight is over. You can return to the board game.

26 phear lap

"This derby is over and thee results are in. Last place...YOU!"
Phear Lap, Death Screen

When you land on Space 6, you will have to fight Phear Lap. Before the battle begins, Phear Lap will jump in his plane and the battle can start.

The key element in defeating Phear Lap is good reflexes and keeping an eye on the derby grounds.

  • One attack is Phear Lap unleashing a simple blue present. However, when it explodes, it will unleash 8 horseshoes, with one being parryable. Parry the horseshoe so yo can fill up your EX meter, enough to deal massive damage to Phear Lap.
  • The other attack is the "Grim Reaper Rider" attack. While the horse riders on the derby grounds look normal, keep your eye out. Why? Some riders are the Grim Reaper and when you are below them, they will fire upwards to damage you. It is recommended to go under them and convert into a mini-plane at the right time.
When enough damage is dealt, Phear Lap will cry out money and hold dollar bills in his hands. The battle will be over after this. You can return to the board game after this.

27 pirouletta

"Ah-ha! You've noticed that my style is very Russian!"
Pirouletta, Death Screen

When you land on Space 7, you will have to fight Pirouletta. Before the battle begins, she will get into her dancing position.

Precision is key in the battle. The Smoke Bomb charm is very useful in this battle if equipped.

  • She can dance around, but this will damage you if you do not stand on the parryable poker chips or use the Smoke Bomb charm. Continue parrying the chips or use the Smoke Dash charm until she stops dancing.
  • But when she stops dancing, she will spin around, unleashing many roulette balls to damage you. Keep and eye out for an open gap in the pattern. See that open spot, dash out of it. An alternative is using the Smoke Bomb charm to evade the attack early.
When enough damage is dealt, Pirouletta will bob her head up and down in shame. The battle will end after this. You can return to the board game safely.


"Fault, scratch and choke -- are you trying to hustle me?"
Mangosteen, Death Screen

When you land on Space 8, you will have to fight Mangosteen. Before the battle begins, a big 8 Ball will be hovering, only for a mouth and two eyes to appear.

Precision and memory is key.

  • His main attack is opening his mouth, and firing a plasma ball towards you. You can dodge this by moving away once Mangosteen fires the plasma ball.
  • An indirect attack comes from the billiard chalks that spawn randomly. They will hop from right (if they emerge from the left side) or left (if they spawn from the right side). The chalks are completely immune to Cuphead and Mugman’s attacks. Precision is key in escaping the billiard chalks. If one were to be cornered by one, they can use the Smoke Bomb charm to avoid damage.
When enough damage is dealt, Mangosteen will vomit a black liquid, and any remaining billard chalks will fly off the screen. This means the fight is over. You can return to the board game.

29 mr chimes

"Monkey see, monkey doom."
Mr. Chimes, Death Screen

When you land on Space 9, you will have to fight Mr. Chimes. Before the battle, the cards will reveal their pictures before flipping from view. Mr. Chimes will stick his tongue out, in a form of taunting.

Like Mangosteen's battle, precision and memory is key.

  • Mr. Chimes can deal damage to the player if Mr. Chimes touches them. This is made harder due to the fact that Mr. Chimes always moves around when the player tries to make a match.
  • To stop Mr. Chimes from doing this, and in order to damage him, you need to parry the centers of the cards to get a picture. If you get a match, Mr. Chimes will get up and attack. But if you do not get a match, Mr. Chimes will go faster, raising the stakes of you getting damaged.
  • If a match is made, Mr. Chimes will slam his cymbals together, causing six music notes to fly outward to damage you (like Wally Warbles' Scrambled Egg attack in his battle). Mr. Chimes will continue to do this until enough damage is dealt. When this occurs, the memory game will continue.
When enough damage is dealt, Mr. Chimes will repeatedly slam his cymbals in his head, probably because he was blaming himself for his loss. This means the fight is over. You can return to the board game safely.


"So clever, so dapper, ya betta' believe this dice is loaded. Hi-de-ho!"
King Dice, Death Screen

After you land on the "FIN" space, the battle with King Dice commences. He will only use one specific attack.

  • King Dice uses his hand to spawn a line of invincible playing cards. One of them is always a parryable Hearts card.

There are two ways you can avoid damage.

  • One method is hiding behind the marching hand and waiting for King Dice to finish his turn.
  • The other is parrying the cards until King Dice ends his attack. This is the precision in the battle.
Once you dealt enough damage, King Dice's fight will end for good. His head and tuxedo is damaged, lets out a groan and his hands will be begging for mercy.


Regular Mode Expert Mode


Drum intro[]

Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_All_Bets_are_Off!_(Board)_In-Game_Version
Original soundtrack (1:30 - 1:50) The_King's_Court


Different mixes of "The King's Court" play during the minibosses' fights, the mix that plays in-game is completely random.

Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack 1: Trombone solos Cuphead_-_Casino_Criminals_1
In-game soundtrack 2: Alto saxophone solos Cuphead_-_Casino_Criminals_2
In-game soundtrack 3: Trumpet solos Cuphead_-_Casino_Criminals_3
Original soundtrack (0:00 - 1:30) The_King's_Court
Game over soundtrack 2: Alto saxophone solos (starts at 1:38) Cuphead_-_"The_King's_Court"_Game_Over_Screen_Version

Main Battle[]

Version Soundtrack
In-game soundtrack Cuphead_OST_-_VS._King_Dice_In-Game_Version
Original soundtrack (1:50 - 3:52) The_King's_Court
Game over soundtrack Cuphead_-_"King_Dice"_Game_Over_Screen_Version



  • King Dice, along with The Devil and Chef Saltbaker, cannot be fought in Simple Difficulty: only on Regular or Expert.
    • However, setting the difficult of a boss level to Simple outside of Inkwell Hell, his stage can be played on Simple. None of the enemies would attack and would just stand still. It is impossible to beat it like this, because Hopus Pocus, Phear Lap, Mr. Chimes, and King Dice himself can’t be hurt normally. He does not have a hitbox at all, so there is no way to defeat him.
  • Each boss in the fight represents something normally found in a casino:
    • The Tipsy Troop represents alcohol which is usually drank in a casino
    • Chips Bettigan represents chips used in gambling.
    • Mr. Wheezy represents smoking is usually done in a casino.
    • Pip and Dot represent dominoes, a game that may sometimes be found in a casino.
    • Hopus Pocus represents magic shows, sometimes done in a casino.
    • Phear Lap represents horse derbies, sometimes bet on in a casino.
    • Pirouletta represents Roulette, a game normally played in a casino.
    • Mangosteen represents pool, a game that is sometimes played in a casino.
    • Mr. Chimes represents claw machines that are sometimes found in casinos.
    • King Dice represents the dice used in gambling.
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