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Areoplane Tutorial

The Aeroplane Tutorial is a tutorial level in Cuphead, in which the player can learn the controls for aerial stages. It's located on Inkwell Isle One, and accessed on the overworld through the airplane blueprint on a pedestal at the northernmost point of the island.

The tutorial is unlocked by beating Goopy Le Grande. It must be played before one can access Threatenin' Zeppelin, as Canteen Hughes, who can be found nearby, tells Cuphead and Mugman that they're not allowed to get behind the wheel of a plane before studying the blueprints.


The tutorial consists of a single screen that looks like a huge airplane blueprint. The player can practice moving around in the airplane with no hazards here. The instructions on the blueprint, meanwhile, teach players how how to shoot, use their special, parry, and shrink - a new feature that replaces dashing in plane levels. The player can also test out the weapons' EX and Super from the Super Meter Cards generated by parrying.