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An Acorn Maker is a sub-boss encountered in the Run 'n Gun level Forest Follies of Inkwell Isle One.


It is a metallic machine with angry eyes, a mouth with jail bars for teeth, a whistle, a funnel from the top where Aggravating Acorns spawns, and a switch peddling by a Deadly Daisy.


A large, complicated machine operated by a single Deadly Daisy that produces Aggravating Acorns and will block the player's path until destroyed. Defeating the Acorn Maker stops the Acorns from spawning.

The Acorn Maker can be bypassed without defeating it by parrying a projectile from the Murderous Mushrooms on the platform before it, which will give the player enough height to dash over. Once bypassed in this fashion, the Acorn Maker will stop spawning Acorns. you can also bypass it with the extra jump from super art 2.


  • This is the only sub-boss without a defeat animation.
  • You can parry and dash over it using the pink projectile shot by the Murderous Mushroom.


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