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A Quick Break is a song that appears in the Cuphead video game. It is performed by the Barbershop Quartet known as Shoptimus Prime, in character as the Four Mel Arrangement. It can be listened to upon request after finding the missing member of their quartet in a side quest.


It's nice to rest your eyes
And maybe go outside,
Grab a book and get some air.
So, what are you waiting for?
Why not take a quick break?
Tune the radio!
There are chores to do, there's leaves to rake,
Strum the old banjo!
You can practice your Lindy Hop,
Then maybe later sing with your barber shop.
Why not take a little quick break
And come back for more? (-Ooore...)
Then come back for more. (-Ooore...)
Please come back for mooore.


  • The song itself is a reference to messages left behind by game development teams in video games encouraging players to take a break once in a while.