Cuphead Wiki

(The episode starts with Cuphead and Mugman walking on a dock.)

Mugman: What're we doing at the dock?

Cuphead: Oh, you'll see.

(They both walk through the dock, and Mugman is eating a candied apple.)

Cuphead: Tell me, Mugsy, you ever wish you were a pirate?

(They dodge a box being thrown and walk over a dead shark.)

Mugman: You know very well I do.

Cuphead: Well, all your swashbuckling dreams are about to come true, 'cause we're gonna have a high seas adventure!

(The camera zooms out to Captian Brineybeard's ship.)

Mugman: We don't know the first thing about sailing. We could end up dead!

(Cuphead snatches Mugman's candied apple.)

Cuphead: That, my little blue nosed friend, is why it's called an adventure!

(A seagull grabs Mugman's candied apple.)

Mugman: Ooh, my candied apple!

Cuphead: Adventure!

(Cuphead starts climbing aboard Brineybeard's ship but stops.)

Mugman: Wait. Wait. Wait wait wait, You can't just climb aboard someone's ship. You need permission first!

Cuphead: Only if the ship's painted red.

Mugman: The ship is painted red!

Cuphead: I wasn't finished. Painted red-purp-orange!

Mugman: (Angrily) Red-purp-orange isn't even a color!

Cuphead: So we're good then!

(Cuphead continues to climb on.)

Mugman: I refuse to board without permission.

Cuphead: Suit'cha self! Wow, so amazing! Mugman, you gotta see this!

Mugman: (Angrily) Not without permission!

Cuphead: Oh, look at this! I can't believe it!

(Mugman tries to resist himself.)

Cuphead: (Laughter) And one of these? I've always wanted one of these! Holy Toledo! Is that...? Mugman, you're missin' out! YOU could be havin' a high sea's adventure right now!

Mugman: (Enraged) Don't you think I want that!? NOT WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!

Cuphead: Well then, permission to come aboard!

Mugman: Yaaay! Haha.


Captain BrineyBeard: Bite your tongue! (He draws his sword) Or me sword will bite it for you!

Sword: You can bite it or I can bite it. But either way, its gonna get bit.