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A High Seas Adventure! is the third episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and the fifteenth overall.


The boys think they're just "playing" pirate until they actually drift out to sea and get roped into a mission to reunite a captain and his sweetheart.


Cuphead and Mugman are walking through a pirate dock, that is before Cuphead spots a pirate ship, and then goes on it without permission. Mugman joins him after being given permission by Cuphead. The two play around with pirate scabbards for a while until Cuphead accidentally unanchors the ship, which moves the ship into the middle of the ocean. The duo then are greeted by Captain Brineybeard, after Britney Brineybeard finds out he was almost about to drink coffee out of Cuphead's head. Brineybeard explains his love for a certain someone he wants to meet out at sea, which makes Cuphead want to help him find love to the dismay of Mugman.

After being at sea for a while, the trio finally get to an ocean full of shipwrecks, where they meet Brineybeard's love, Cala Maria. The captain confesses his love for the mermaid, even handing out a box of sweets. Cala Maria is annoyed at how much the pirate talks, and turns him into stone. After the trio get washed up onto the island where Maria's cove is, Cuphead suggests that they just go home. Mugman disagrees, as he wants to keep to his promise. The duo bring Brineybeard's stone body into the cove, and meet a giant crab monster who stole the sweets the pirate had. Mugman fights it off with a scabbard, and the two continue their journey.

After they find Cala Maria singing, Mugman presents that Captain Brineybeard brought sweets for her, which ended up being the innards of sea life. Despite this, Cala Maria enjoys them, and regrets having turned the pirate into stone. After she says this, Brineybeard unstones himself through his uncontrollable love for her. Cala Maria doesn't think them being in love together isn't in the cards for them, and so she gives them a head start to run away from her before she eats them. The trio then run away from her, and in order to get to the ship, Mugman throws the sweets into the water to distract Cala Maria. The trio then get on the ship, only to realize that it stuck on some rocks. As the three begin to panic, Brineybeard takes the time to blow a kiss to Cala Maria, who reciprocates by blowing one back. This creates a strong gust of wind that not only frees them, but causes them to sail at incredibly high speeds. As Brineybeard thanks Mugman for keeping his promise and gives him the title of pirate, Cuphead is blown off of the ship, leaving him to deal with Cala Maria on his own as the two laugh.

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  • This episode is the first double-length episode.
  • Cala's song is probably adapted from Habanera.
  • The roar used during the appearance of Cala Maria is the same used in the 1976 movie King Kong.
  • This is the second time Cuphead and Mugman appear without Elder Kettle, the first being Dangerous Mugman
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