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A Chef's Coda is a song that appears in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. It is composed by Kristofer Maddigan and performed by Luke De Ayora, in character as Chef Saltbaker. The song is about Chef Saltbaker singing about how remorseful he is about his misdeeds and ambitions of ruling the astral plane as well as his subsequent resolve to make up for them.


(instrumental intro)

Chef Saltbaker: I am Chef Saltbaker, I have been a naughty cook
The recipe was in my book, the recipe was overcooked
I should not have let all of that power go to my head
Now I'll bake for good, now I'll bake my bread

(Instrumental solo accompanied by whistling)

Chef Saltbaker: I have learned my lesson, I have learned my lesson well
It's better to bake in Heaven, than to cook in Hell
I'm still the best tart baker, best tart baker in the land
My baking will bring cheer to my new friends whom I hold dear

(instrumental end followed by hearty laughter)