Wiki Cuphead


There's only cuphead who is an official fighter in the first game we never know when more can come in another game though there's none in this one because the roster is already complete.

Cuphead's moveset[]

  • neutral = peashooter shot: throw a ball with the peashooter.
  • side = chaser shot: throw a ball with the chaser ( which follow the player).
  • up = parry bullet: throw a parryable ball which makes him able to parry on him after shot and if it touches a foe, it deals with damages.
  • down = down shooting: shot a ball with the peashooter that points down.
  • Final Smash = Super III: Uses his super III


Fiery Frolic: clouds that scroll down the stage with sometime Grim matchstick appearing to attack to fighters

Quote and Cameo[]

  • Cuphead neutral and side are inspired by the real weapon he can buy
  • Cuphead up is the only attack that doesn't come from cuphead himself
  • Cuphead is one of the favourite game of indie smash's creator
  • Grim Matchstick attacks in Fiery Frolic come from the original cuphead fight This is where to make games